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Elemental Spirits are the creators of the living, where all of them but one has been sealed by the Evil Mage.

As a brave young man, Rainard Amor, you and your last living spirit will explore the dark fantasy world to break the seal and save the world together.

Project A-1, A-2 is currently pending on Prototype state.

Sorry and Thank you,

We will be right back.

For more information, please kindly visit us to https://aiousproduction.wordpress.com/

Project A-1

Project A-2

StatusIn development
PublisherAIOUS Production
Release date Jul 08, 2019
AuthorAIOUS Production
GenreAction, Puzzle
Made withUnity
TagsAction-Adventure, combos, Hack and Slash
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 3
LinksHomepage, Community, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube

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okay i agree with @bernadyaw i don't think difficulty must be reduce or not, but i think you should give us OP character when we start tutorial in game (like you give us all skill unlock or something like OP weapon). so we can feel the end of character and start it from 0 when we start the real story, at least we know if we reach at high level of character the enemy doesn't feel too much pain :v :v

oh 1 more thing I almost forgot, give us a mini map bruhh -__-

I don't think that we need OP Character in this game for the tutorial, we will adjust the 1st level design more to make it easy as the first time you play ^_^.

Mini Map? Really? We will review it.

Anyway, thank you for your feedback ^_^. We will review the things that you gave us. 

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I don't mind about difficulty, even if u make the character die just by one touch from the enemy, as long the control and movement can be fluid it's fine. idk if its only me but i feel the control and movement was to slugish. And the archer is to OP hahaha when i hide behind a big rock the arrows still get me dude hahaha. One more, on my first start the sound just to high, i can't find any adjustment for sound, and i think music and ambiance sound it's okey but a little bit messy idk maybe it's just me.  But still, i will wait for full release, keep fight dude... u are awesome.. :D

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1. The movement seems sluggish? I guess it's about the rotation of character.

2. Archer is a kind of that, they bring the intensity to high because when you're too late or sloppy they will end you so well :D. 

3. Right now, Archer can aim whenever attack range is in, yes, we will give them eyes in next time. A bow that slide through the rock? Hmm can you give us the screenshot where it took? it might something wrong with the collision.

4. Yes, Game Settings definitely be full services next time.

Thank you for your support, your enthusiasm to help us by giving us feedback is our pleasure. We will review first. And thank you for waiting for the full release ^_^.  We're awesome, players and developers, of course, ^_^


the difficulty must be reduced and the combat system must be updated again with light attacks and heavy attacks and also the story must be developed more 

Yes, there are so many issues about the difficulty. Okaay, those things will be updated. About story, of course we will add story to the game, according to the beta version there is no storytelling. Don't worry in the next update, we will give storytelling. Thank you for submit your feedback here. ^_^


nice game, cant wait for full release!, Keep going!

Thank youu.. Okaay, stay tuned about the date ^_^


Its a nice game btw, nice future for indonesian action game, just need a simple update for this game i think, example for using a shield, not just for a entartain

Thank you for your feedback, of course, the shield has an important part of Rainard Amor (Main Character). According to the beta version release we don't, there is no storytelling and of course limitation of skill, so we don't show the shield yet, the next major update will be shown the play of shield.


cant wait for this game for full release

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Thank youu.. Okaay, stay tuned about the date ^_^

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Hii Players!! Could you give us your feedback about the game? or a combat system? even the difficulty?
And don't forget to give "Rating" our beta game. Thank you ^_^

Those things are needed for major update in several weeks!

i think about the combat monotonous, i think more animation its good for attack

Is it like a light attack and a heavy attack? And then, you can mix them up whenever you want in combat?

I already said 3 times about  critics, can't wait the Chapter 2.

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Sorry, it's hard to handle the reviews from social media, eg: Instagram, then is it about the difficulty?